Sand art pictures are simple, yet exciting activity for children that contribute to development of fine motor activity and gives joy of creation. Add lively colors to illustrated cards with colored sand by removing adhesive parts from picture and pouring sand on it. The result is a colorful sand picture that can be used as a joyful decoration.

Recommended for children from ages 4 to 12 and for everyone else who likes to express themselves creatively.

Sand art painting benefits for children:
  • develops and improves color sense and imagination;
  • promotes creativity;
  • retains interest and entertains;
  • promotes better concentration;
  • develops fine motor skills.
feature 1
More than 50 different designs
Animals, cars, airplanes, flowers, houses, cakes - these are only few picture options You can choose from.
feature 2
Up to 16 different sand colors
Sand is available in tubes and refill bags. Refill bags can also be used for pouring sand with fingers.

feature 3
Self adhesive painting technique
Card has a self adhesive layer that opens up after removal of top layer. Painting is simple and convenient.
feature 4
Colorful and neat result
The drawing is divided into several parts with contours - each part is separately detached and painted.