Sand art is a simple, quick and exciting activity for children, with colored sand painting various pictures. The result is a colorful and bright sand art card that will remain and enjoy you for a long time.

When painting sand cards, it will not be necessary to use extra glue - special adhesive paper is already embedded in sand cards, so the sand will stick immediately as soon as you remove the top of the card layer. The detail of each drawing is separated, which allows to adhere the corresponding colored sand to a limited area, preserving the contours of the drawing. It makes this product so special, since the drawings can be painted very precisely after the contours and give an accurate result.

feature 1
More than 50 different designs
There are a variety of drawing themes, such as animals, cars, flowers, homes, cakes, and more.
feature 2
Up to 16 different sand colors
Sand is available in tubes and bags. Workshops are painted on special tables with sand tanks.
feature 3
Special painting technique - no glue
The glue is already embedded in a card (adhesive film), so the painting is quite comfortable and simple.
feature 4
Colorful and accurate result
The drawing is divided into several parts with contours - each part is separately detached and painted.

Recommended for children for children 4 to 12 years of age, as well as for anyone who likes to express themselves creatively. Sand art are also suitable for children with disabilities and people with special needs, because with the help of an adult, you can create beautiful, colorful, accurate and joyful painting.

Sand art painting:

  • develops a sense of color and fantasy of children
  • promotes creativity
  • entertain and retain interest, promote concentration
  • develops finger and arm muscles