Every company has its own story, including us!
This is a family business and the idea of “sand masterpieces” was born while waiting and babysitting a small child. The mother of three daughters – Zane Pumpure – Prāmniece – more than 8 years ago, while nursing her first daughter, she completely changed her profession, from being a lawyer to becoming an artist of “Smilšu Kino” (www.smilsukino.lv) and after a few years, being at home with the second child, she also came up with the idea of making sand masterpieces for children. This is how, little by little, a new product was born, both for outing events for children, as well as kits with coloring materials.

Our goal is to offer interesting and high-quality sand applications in creative workshops, giving children the opportunity to work with sand themselves, freely develop their creativity and imagination, experiment, paint, vary and express themselves creatively. We get great feedback about our workshops and children immerse themselves in the world of colored sand with genuine interest and great enthusiasm.

We also visit schools with the “School Program”, we offer the rental of all the necessary equipment and all materials can also be purchased in our e-store, as well as in several stores in Latvia

We live in a country with 500 km of coastline. We have all grown up playing with sand, and it is a very well-known material for all Latvian children. Children love sand in all its forms, shapes, colors and structures. Sand applications include sand of many different bright colors, which allows you to work with this material in ever new areas.