• Working at specially equipped tables
  • 12-16 colors of sand
  • 50 drawings of different designs
  • All materials and sand provided
  • 20-30 people participate in the workshop at the same time
  • Duration of painting is 15-30 minutes
  • For children of any age, also together with parents, grandparents
  • The painted drawings do not fall off and remain as a memory

Suitable for various events – city and county holidays, schools, Sunday schools, kindergartens, museums and other events for families and children.

The minimum number of children in the workshops is 25. We offer equipment rental for small events. We also visit schools with a special program for children aged 7-13, more information here.

Conducted workshops
Visited regions of Latvia
18 000+
Colored cards

The price consists of:

  • number of children and coloring application cards
  • duration of the workshop
  • Location

For outdoor events, a 3×4 or 3×6 meter tent or canopy is required for the workshop. We also offer to set up our own tent for outdoor events.

New! Invite the sand application workshop and our sand fairy to visit, who will spend a very colorful, creative and interesting 60 minutes with the children, painting sand appliques and learning colors – with eyes, headphones and fingers!

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