Sand applications is a simple, quick-to-learn and exciting activity for children, coloring cards of various designs with colored sand

What are sand applications?

Sand applications are a simple, quick to learn and exciting activity for children, painting cards of different designs with colored sand. As a result, a colorful, bright and completely different sand painting is created for each person, which will remain and delight you for a long time.

More than 50 different drawings

Various drawing themes are available, such as animals, cars, flowers, houses, cakes, etc.

Up to 16 different shades of colored sand

Sand is available in both tubes and bags. In the workshops, painting takes place at special tables with sand tanks.

Special painting technique - without glue

The glue is already embedded in the card (adhesive film), so coloring is very convenient and simple.

Colorful and accurate result

The drawing is divided by contours into several parts - each part can be detached and colored separately.

When painting sand applications, you won’t need to use additional glue or get your hands dirty – special adhesive paper is already embedded in the application cards, so the sand will stick to it immediately as soon as you remove the top paper layer of the card. Each detail of the drawing is separated, which allows you to stick sand of the corresponding color in a limited area, preserving the outline of the drawing. This makes this product so special, because it is possible to color the drawings very precisely according to the outlined contours and achieve an accurate result.

In addition, be creative! We have tried that it is possible to color the cards not only with sand, but also stick spices, grits, buttons, natural materials and much more (without using additional glue)!

Recommended for children from 4 to 13 years of age, as well as for everyone who likes to express themselves creatively. Sand applications are also suitable for children with mobility impairments and special needs, because with a little help from adults, you can create beautiful, colorful, accurate and cheerful works.

Painting sand applications:

Develops children's color sense and imagination

Promotes creativity

Entertains and keeps interest, promotes concentration

Develops finger and hand muscles