2021./2022. As part of the school year, we offer both field trips and remote lessons as part of the "Latvijas skolas soma" program.


We offer an interactive sand cinema performance for children “Around the World”, which takes place in two parts.

In the first part, pupils are introduced to the sand cinema technique and art form (what it is and how it is made) and watch the sand cinema performance “Around the World” on the screen, in which sand drawings are drawn in person, accompanied by instrumental music, depicting several continents of the world, nature, animals and architecture.

In the second part of the performance, pupils help to create and come up with a continuation of the sand cinema story, which the artist draws in the sand according to the instructions and ideas given by the children. The destination of the trip in the continuation of the joint story will be Latvia – the children are invited to come up with the landscape, images, architectural and cultural monuments, symbols characteristic of Latvia together with the artist. What interesting things can travelers see and learn about Latvia? What delicious dishes can you eat in Latvia? Together with the improvisational theater actor, the pupils actively participate with their ideas, watching how the artist adapts and how the new characters and shots are instantly drawn in the sand on the screen.

*Price for the show: 6-7 euros per pupil, minimum number per day at least 3 classes (70 children). The duration of the lesson is 40 minutes.

REMOTE lessons with sand application painting:

Creative and exploratory art classes for children in schools, where pupils will be able to work on their own and create pictures using the sand application technique with various images of Latvian fairy tales (optionally: symbols of Latvia, Lāčplēsis, Old Mitten, Raibā pasaka or Sprīdītis), as well as watch a video and find out what there is a sand movie, how it is made, as well as learn a lot of new and interesting facts about sand.

The lesson takes place in two parts.

In the first part of the video recording, the sand cinema artist introduces the students to the sand animation technique, its history and application, shows the process of sand cinema creation and talks about sand mining and its use in Latvia and the world. A short glimpse of the show “Around the World” is drawn in the sand, Latvia is drawn, and a personalized greeting for the particular class and the particular school is depicted in sand animation.

In the second part, students are introduced to practical work – painting applications with colored sand, which are delivered to the school by Omniva courier before the lesson. In the video recording, the students are shown the coloring instructions, after which the children work in the classroom together with their teacher (after the teacher’s choice, the children receive 1 large picture: Latvia or Lāčplēsis). The colored works remain for the children as a memory from the lesson.

Sand application cards (1 per student, size A4):

Sand applications – this is unusual painting with colored sand on a specially made cardboard, in which a layer of adhesive film is embedded. Lesson duration 50-60 minutes (including video viewing and practical work). Suitable for children from 1st to 6th grade.

*Price for the full program: 6-7 euros per pupil. The price includes a lesson with a sand cinema artist in a video recording, a personalized sand cinema video drawing/greeting for each school separately, sand application coloring materials for each child and delivery of materials to the school by Omniva courier. Delivery of materials and remote lessons are possible in all Latvian cities.

*Price only for sand applique coloring and video lesson: 4 euros per pupil. The price includes a lesson with a sand cinema artist in a video recording, delivery of all necessary materials to the school by courier, as well as video instruction showing and explaining the painting process. (Unlike the full program, the personalized sand cinema video greeting to the school is not included.)
List of materials: 1 coloring card for each student (drawing of choice), colored sand, tray to pour sand on, transparent films for packing drawings.

*Gulbene regional high school
*Daugavpils 15th high school
*Daugavpils 12th high school